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The range of the problems in a high complex structure, which current applications are can be huge. Often finding a problem is like searching for an needle in a universe of haystacks. Our APPLICATION DISCOVERY package gives you the control of your application by making it transparent and predictable. And it doesn't require you having an extreme technical background. You will understand your application better, regardless if you are a MANAGER or a DEVELOPER.


With almost 20 years experience with java applications, chances are good, that we recognize the symptoms and help you right away. But, of course, each application is different and yours can have unique problems.
With our analytic approach and the right tools we will hunt your problem, eliminate all white spots in your application and find the refugee. And, as additional benefit, next time you get in troubles you will have all the tools and techniques to resolve it quickly by yourself.

Perfomance Problems

There are a lot of things that can go wrong in a modern e-commerce site, a b2c portal, a service marketplace or just a sophisticated application. Unfortunately most people will care about performance and health monitoring when its too late, and they actually have performance problems. Still we can help you by implementing tools that will help you to discover your application, eliminate white spots in your performance monitoring one by one until you know exactly what happens in your application, and where are it's limits.

There are a lot of possible performance problems you may encounter: various garbage collection issues, slow database queries, lock contention, thread starving to name the few. Often they are caused by bugs or misconfigurations. We will help you to find them, eliminate them and ensure that they won't go unnoticed next time.

And, if the problem is within the application itself, we will help you to make it scale both, architecture- and deploywise.

Which version of JBOSS should I use?
Which TOMCAT connector is best? Should I use SQL or NoSQL Database?
How do the firewall settings affect the THREADS in my JVM?

If you want ANSWERs on this questions or just a SECOND OPINION you are at the RIGHT PLACE.

Your customers are there 24x7 but your site is not?

For many business people the TECHNOLOGY that runs their business IS just an UTILITY. But no business can run, if the infrastructure isn't running.
If site reliability is something you depend upon but can't achieve yet, call us.

If yes, congratulation, you are an exception to the rule. Most people do not. But what can be worse then a CUSTOMER who calls YOU and tells you that YOUR SITE or SERVICE is down? Worse then that is when this is a BUSINESS CUSTOMER or YOUR CEO and he DEMANDS to KNOW what happening and how long will it take. MoSKito Control will give you the ANSWERS and we will help you to IMPLEMENT IT.

Do you know how HEALTHy your application is RIGHT NOW?

Do you already have the fantastic MoSKito Products implemented but need a little extra?

Or do you want to secure your setup? You can purchase a FEATURE or EXTENSION directly from the SOURCE or get professional MAINTENANCE or SUPPORT contract. It's just one click away.

Application Management

To build and deploy an application is a good start. But the real trick is to run it 24x7 for long long long time. This is where we excel. Because we have the tools and more than 15 years experience in application management of high traffic applications. We will help you to visualize the health state of your application, determine the key thresholds and bottlenecks and setup the required monitoring to overview the status of your application not on the disk/cpu level, but on business level.

The classical monitoring approach will tell you if you have enough disk space. We will tell you if your site is generating the business value it should, and if the business processes like registration, checkout or subscription payment are working as they should.

Even the best site in the world can go down, but you should know it before your customers do and BE ABLE to REACT in time.


Having a JENKINS is a great start. But to be able to build and deploy automatically you need more than just the right tool. You should also have the RIGHT APPLICATION and the RIGHT TEAM. With one step at a time we will help you get there.

Application management & DevOps

Modern application management is way more than just a SERVER with something RUNNING on it. It is your BUSINESS VALUE out there, and it should be cared for. It requires a combination of solid APM tools, working BUILD and DEPLOYMENT pipes, reasonable ALERTING, and, most important of all, DEVelopers and OPerators, who are willing to COOPERATE with each other. We call it DevOps@Runtime and we've been implementing it in different companies for several years.


The scaleability of a system starts with its architecture. It is fairly easy to scale a well designed system, and it is nearly impossible to SCALE a spaghetti monolith.

With over 15 years of experience in building high traffic portals, we know how to scale and what PITFALLS to avoid. Our approach roots in the classic component-oriented design and service-oriented-architecture (SOA) with a flair of Design by Responsibility, a delicious dish recently became known as MICROSERVICES.

We also like to KISS - keep things simple - we won't try to solve your future problems, instead we will help you to achieve your goals and get a thin, manageable, extendable and flexible architecture which can serve you years.

Our expert team is ready to solve any performance problem.


Leon works with Java since 1996 and is an expert in high performance high traffic portals since 2003. He is not only a passionate Architect and SOA/MicroServices Evangelist but also a practicing DevOps.
Leon is author and commiter of MoSKito, ConfigureMe and DistributeMe open source projects.


Denis is all into Java since 2006. He is an applied mathematics Guru. He specializes in optimisation and complexity reduction algorithms, financial calculations and big data.


Michael works since 2001 as a freelance software developer and architect in enterprise scale environments. He programmed Java since 1998. He loves to do performance tuning and analysis and resolution of scaling or threading issues.
Michael is MoSKito commiter.


Frank has over 10 years of experience in management and operation of high-performance web sites. He is also a Certified Cisco Engineer (CCIP) and Linux Debian Specialist. His passion is to solve NETWORK and LINUX problems for you.


A man of many words, Martin is your first point of contact, the helping hand, the nice boyscout leading the grandma over the street, the perfect son-in-law. The only normal person in a bunch of techies, he do everything that is needed to solve your problem. Promised!

moskito monitoring guru

Founded in 2007 MoSKito is the leading open source project in Application Performance Management (APM). MoSKito uniquely combines technical and business views on the application, providing a transparency on impact of technical problems onto business key figures. MoSKito can monitor single applications as well as clusters of servers and is free to use.